Accounting & Finance (A&F) Templates

27 Mar, by

Hi Friends,

I have started populating the ‘Templates” page with useful A&F templates which can be downloaded for use by all visitors.

The templates are actually designed for my “The Finance Managers’ Masterclass” participants, past and present. But for educational purposes and job requirements, they are available for all who need them.

Currently only 2 templates are available for use:

  1. Cashflow Statement Preparation
  2. Weekly Cashflow Projection

Other in the pipeline are

  1. Budgetted Sales template using a statistical  Linear Regression Model. Just key in the past year’s monthly actual sales figures and the expected projected monthly sales for the next 12 months (or more) will be given. But adjustments will have to be made.
  2. Budgeted P&L and Balance Sheet template
  3. WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) template

Do invite your friends and colleagues to visit this website and look out regularly for new template postings.





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