Corporate Sales Budgeting Template (Free for use)

27 Apr, by

Corporate Sales Budgeting Template (Free for download/use) 

Hi Friends,

I have uploaded the Sales Budgeting Template using LRM (Linear Regression Model). 

Please visit my website at and download it for use. 

With this statistical template you can now prepare your sales budget (1 year or 3 years, by month) within a few hours, depending on the size of your company and sales product categories. 

Trust you will find this template extremely useful. 

Please forward this blog/message to your friends and colleagues so that they too can benefit from this free download. 

Admittedly, every finance leader encounters challenges in preparing sales budgets, for management or the Board, and this template “comes to the rescue” !

I have also 4 other accounting & finance templates which you may find useful. And I shall be adding more free templates over time. 

Please keep a constant lookout by visiting my website regularly.




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