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20 Mar, by

Dear Friends,

I am launching an e-learning platform for Accounting & Finance (A&F) topics below, and over the next few months, more A&F courses will be offered. Please log in to  for more details. 

A) Currently, we have 3 of our signature Masterclasses for registration.

  1. The Finance Managers’ Masterclass Run 30. 
  2. The Finance Leaders’ Bootcamp Run 10 
  3. From Finance Leader to Strategic Thinker” Masterclass Run 4.

These are unique and career-enhancing Masterclasses with new A&F knowledge and skillsets not found in existing A&F books/literature, not even from practical experience! But they can be readily applied on the job for enhanced performance!

B) You can also register for the following course/item.

      4. The Essence of Corporate Cashflow Sustainability- 1 full day Zoom course. (TECCFS)

      5. E-book on the TECCFS

C) Courses (items 6 to 9) are being designed and we shall update you when available for registration. These courses are priced between $20 and $50 per session. They are:

       6. Debits & Credits explained 

       7. Framework of Accounting 

       8. Cashflow Statement Analysis: An effective 7-step approach 

       9. How to construct a Cashflow Statement using a template 

      Payment gateway : Stripe

     Weblink for sign-up:

We would appreciate if it you could forward this message to all your colleagues and friends so that they may also benefit from this e-learning platform experience!

Thank you. 


Michael M Lee

Hp: 97331930


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