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Fri 6 Oct 2023

Testimonies & Reviews

Corporate Growth & Cashflow Sustainability

There is currently a dearth of corporate finance and management books that address the challenges of the C-suite executives (typically the CEO and CFO), from a practitioner’s perspective. These challenges if not clearly understood and managed can lead to performance failure!

One key responsibility of the C-suite executives is to generate corporate growth in sales, earnings, and total assets. How this is to be executed requires a Corporate Planning Framework, which Michael’s book fully explains. The underlying support of this framework is Cashflow Sustainability which Michael has promulgated in his first book “The Essence of Corporate Cashflow Sustainability”.

This corporate finance book is insightful and highly enlightening and is a recommended handbook for both newly appointed and incumbent CFOs and CEOs. Other senior executives not yet in these positions will find it career-enhancing!

Chew Heng Ching

Founding President, Singapore Institute of Directors


A good Finance Book must be readable and useful. In “Corporate Growth & Cashflow Sustainability”, we have both. The author, Michael Matthew Lee, invites seasoned as well as newer Finance professionals to focus on what matters most for any company – the sustainable cashflows of a firm to meet both operational and strategic needs. He writes the book with a wealth of first-hand experience obtained by more than 40 years of active financial management, while employed as a senior Finance Professional in a number of Singapore Listed Companies, with the invaluable experience obtained through many major local and global financial crises. He wants the reader to dive deeper into and beyond corporate Financial Statements and link them to strategic thinking and strategic planning. He has provided an original Corporate Cashflow Sustainability Framework as a useful application tool for different corporate settings to achieve corporate growth.

I highly recommend the book to readers who wish to understand the need for and to achieve sustainable cashflows to lead and/or support corporate growth.

Dr Francis Koh, PhD., CA (Singapore)

Emeritus Professor of Finance (Practice)

Lee Kong Chian School of Business

Singapore Management University.


This book is a crystallization of Michael’s profound thoughts and practical experiences over his more than 40 years of corporate exposure as Group CFO of 3 Singapore listed companies and as CEO/MD of companies in various industries. What I find most valuable in reading this book is the clarity of thoughts and simplicity in representing technical concepts like cashflow sustainability and corporate planning. It makes reading on a heavy topic like corporate finance a pleasure.”

Dr. Cynthia Tan 

Independent Director,

Kingsmen Design Pte Ltd &

Valuemax Group Ltd

Executive Vice-President,

Head, Group Human Resources (2005 – 2015)

OCBC Bank, Singapore


This book is original in its main thoughts and content in a Corporate Planning Framework, designed by Michael, as a useful tool to generate corporate growth in sales, earnings, and total assets.

Corporate growth is advanced through the proper execution of organic and non-organic growth, the application of selected management models, and the use of business valuation methodologies to determine the value of the enterprise and of its equity.

Admittedly, the Corporate Planning Framework will not deliver enduring success in corporate growth if it is not underpinned by Cashflow Sustainability, which is explained fully in Michael’s  book “The Essence of Corporate Cashflow Sustainability”.

I highly recommend C-suite executives and senior management personnel who are passionately responsible for driving corporate growth to read both books.

Francis Xavier

PBM FCIArb C.Arb, LLB (Hons)

Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of Singapore

Solicitor, Supreme Court of England and Wales.

Regional Head, Dispute Resolution
Commercial Litigation
Investment Treaty and International Commercial Arbitration


Michael has set a new direction for companies to thrive well in an age of uncertainty to enable corporate growth in sales, earnings, and total assets. The Corporate Planning Framework will be especially useful to help enterprise systematically drive corporate expansion and growth through organic and non-organic approaches. Combined with the Cashflow Sustainability Framework in Michael’s earlier book on “The Essence of Corporate Cashflow Sustainability”, both are now strong pillars for enduring corporate growth in perpetuity and are easy to understand and apply.

Michael Tan,


Singapore Productivity Centre


The integration of strategic planning for corporate growth with accounting and finance is often overlooked in current finance literature. Cashflow Sustainability, which emphasizes the availability of cashflow indefinitely into the future, is a crucial aspect that is not extensively covered. This book highlights the importance of sustainable cashflow for corporate planning and growth, integrating fundamental areas such as vision and mission, strategic marketing management, business strategy, portfolio design, and corporate planning. It also establishes a framework for developing, building, monitoring, and assessing cashflow sustainability.

To  explore this topic further, I recommend reading  “Corporate Growth & Cashflow Sustainability”.

Albert Kong CFE, CMC, RMC


Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd




I am delighted to provide a testimonial on Michael’s second book “Cashflow Sustainability and Corporate Growth”, and I must say it was an enlightening and insightful journey into the world of finance and business strategy. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the critical relationship between cashflow management and corporate growth.

The book also delves into the intricacies of corporate planning, risk management, and strategic decision-making, showing how these elements are all interconnected with cashflow sustainability. Michael’s ability to connect the dots and present a holistic view of corporate finance is truly commendable.

“Corporate Growth & Cashflow Sustainability ” is a highly informative and thought-provoking book that has the potential to transform the way businesses and individuals think about finance.

I highly recommend this book to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone interested in navigating the complex world of finance with wisdom and foresight. It’s a valuable resource that deserves a place on every business bookshelf.

Eddie Lee, FCA (S’pore), FCPA (Aust), ATA, CVA Associate, IPAS, INSOL

Founder / Managing Partner

Pinebridge LLP



In a rapidly changing environment all around the globe, cashflow sustainability has become more crucial than ever in achieving ultimate financial goals.  Author Michael Lee offers a roadmap to address how these disruptive events could be better managed, in relation to a company’s corporate plan. Until a framework is developed and followed, with underlying cashflow sustainability as its pillar for growth, corporate growth cannot be ascertained.

Prepare to embark on a journey towards taking control of a company’s financial future.   Corporate Growth & Cashflow Sustainability is poised to be the definitive guide for anyone seeking true financial wisdom in today’s world.

This book isn’t just informative; it’s transformative. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a financial consultant, a CFO or just starting your financial journey, this book caters to all levels of expertise.

Perlita Tiro

BBA, CPA, MBA (Finance)

Member, PMC Certification Board, SBACC, Singapore

Executive Search Consultant, 1980-2016

Management Consultant, 1968-1980


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