Our 3 Key Masterclasses



From Accountant to CFO/Finance Leader to COO/CEO

You will notice that the 3 Masterclasses are designed to chart the career path of accountants and Finance Leaders, as follows:

  1. TFMM – teaches the Accountant/Finance Leader to be competent in all Accounting & Finance topics that matter for career enhancement.
  2. TFLB – teaches the Accountant/Finance Leader to be a competent CFO.
  3. FLST- teaches the Accountant/Finance Leader who are aspiring to be COO/CEO or supporting his CEO’s strategic planning role. This is a skillset which is highly in demand!

The following ongoing Masterclasses for local (Singapore) and international participants, over Zoom weblink are:.

  • The Finance Managers’ Masterclass (Run 24 at this writing)
  • The Finance Leaders’ Bootcamp (Run 8 at this writing), and
  • From Finance Leader to Strategic Thinker (new)

These Masterclasses are career-enhancing with practical contents  applicable on the job and go beyond what is covered in this book.

The essence of The Finance Managers’ Masterclass

  • Emphasis on more than 15 accounting and finance topics that a Finance Manager needs to be competent in.
  • For many, it would be a revision of topics that they have long forgotten and reinforced with new concepts and principles which I have developed over my 40-odd years as Group CFO of 3 main board public-listed groups in Singapore.
  • These new concepts and principles are not taught in books nor at universities or can be acquired from experience. And they can be applied on the job readily and effectively, to enhance one’s career.

The essence of “The Finance Leaders’ Bootcamp” Masterclass

The thrust of the Masterclass is to enable participants to learn how to conduct the following corporate exercises, step by step.

  1. Corporate restructuring
  2. Corporate strategic planning
  3. Corporate turnaround, and
  4. Corporate clean-up exercises

As this Bootcamp is practice-based (pragmatic), you will learn how to execute these exercises step-by-step. This will ensure that when you are tasked to perform similar exercises, you will be able to execute with full confidence. In any case, there is always my mentorship support (advice/guidance) after completion of this Bootcamp!

I also recognise that  the corporate exercises can only be conducted with full confidence when fundamental knowledge of certain accounting & finance topics are applied. These topics which are  incorporated in this Masterclass to make it holistic are:

a)    Financial Statement Analysis – Lagging & leading indicators
b)    Cashflow Statement Analysis – Period & Trend
c)    Financial Modelling
d)    Business Valuation

Most of the corporate exercises above would require a strong knowledge of lagging and leading indicators in financial statement analysis.

Some would require a deep knowledge of cashflow sustainability analysis using the period and trend cashflow statements analyses.

Others may require business valuation as an offshoot of the corporate exercise.

And all the corporate exercises would require Financial Modelling  knowledge and skillset, which will be taught using simple Excel functions.


The essence of “From Finance Leader to Strategic Thinker” Masterclass

There has been an urgent need for finance leaders to assist their CEOs in strategic   corporate planning , which requires a strategic thinking skillset. This skillset is in huge demand and is complimentary to the finance leaders’ professional accounting and finance skills.


This Masterclass emphasises the importance of cashflow sustainability and its implications to corporate growth. It teaches a structured approach to corporate planning with a framework and practical case study applications.

It is another career-enhancing Masterclass that provides the Finance Leader  a clear passage to the C-suite club!


How to register for the Masterclasses?

You can drop a note to the author Michael Matthew Lee at michael@cfodesk.com.sg or at mmleetc789@gmail.com furnishing

  1. Name of Masterclass
  2. Your full name
  3. Your mobile (handphone) contact number
  4. Your preferred month of commencement.


You do not have to pay for the fees first until the Masterclass dates are confirmed.

All international participants are welcome as the Masterclasses are conducted over Zoom weblink. We have participants not only from Singapore but also from Malaysia, Brunei, Hongkong, Turkey, and United Kingdom.



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