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The Finance Managers’ Masterclass Run 25 (Zoom)

This Masterclass is designed to fill these gaps and enable the Finance Manager to function confidently and even deliver performance beyond expectations. It is highly career-enhancing and career-promoting, especially with a WhatsApp community and free life-long mentorship after the end of Masterclass.

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Protected: The Finance Leaders’ Bootcamp – getting up to speed! (Run 9) (Online Zoom)

The Finance Leaders’ job is the most challenging and onerous in any company, especially in a public-listed one. Most Finance Leaders (Finance Directors, CFO, Finance Managers, Finance Supervisors and the like) are promoted from within the company, and the overriding difficulty is that incumbent does not have the full knowledge of the role and functions of the next level and how to execute them professionally. Admittedly, in SMEs, the finance manager may have to function like a CFO.

This Bootcamp is therefore designed to enhance these knowledge and skillsets and fill gaps, enabling the Finance Leader to function confidently and execute corporate finance activities professionally. It is a hugely experienced- based as case studies are drawn/adapted from actual cases managed by the trainer over his more than 40 years of corporate experience as Group CFO and CXO of both large Main Board listed companies and non-listed companies.

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Financial Modelling for Business Decisions

This 2-day course teaches the participant how to design a financial model using simple Excel functions and how to determine the variables that are required for analysis.

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Cashflow Statement Analysis – Unlocking cashflows for corporate growth.

This course is different from any other as it firstly, covers primarily how to interpret the key components of the Cashflow Statement and a profound analysis of each, applying a 7-step procedure, leading to unlocking cashflows for corporate growth.

Secondly, it teaches how to decipher past trends in cashflows, applying a 5-step procedure, leading to an enlightened appreciation of how a growing and sustainable cashflow can be managed.

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Finance for Non-Finance Managers

This is a 2-day course packaged for operational and functional managers and senior managers who have only some knowledge of accounting and finance, but who need to understand finance to be able to perform their jobs better and/or to interface with Finance department staff. It is also designed for professionals who need a good working knowledge of Finance to apply in their job.

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Financial Planning & Analysis – Moving from lagging to leading indicators

Traditional accounting & finance centres on the entity concept where the firm owns assets and owes equity & liabilities. This approach has its limitations as it does not open our minds to the acquisition and application of economic resources. I prefer to use the approach I called the ”Economic Resources Approach to Accounting” (ERAA), which encapsulates funding and operating resources, the cost of resources (capital), the flow of resources, the utilization of resources, leading to the capture of business values represented by discounted cash flows generated by operating resources. The ERAA approach will enhance the understanding of Financial Planning & Analysis (FPA) from the viewpoint of economic resources.


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